RWTH Fellowship


The RWTH Fellows program honors outstanding professors at RWTH Aachen with outstanding research achievements that have significantly contributed to the University's success. The title also carries an award of 25,000 euros in research funding. Selected nominees are appointed for the duration of their employment at RWTH Aachen.

All deans nominate professors from their faculty. Using external reviews, the RWTH Fellows selection committee nominates candidates for selection and submits their nominations to the Rectorate to be selected as RWTH Fellow.

We'd like to note that members of the selection committee nominated as RWTH Fellows by their faculty's dean will not be included in the evaluation process that follows. This ensures good scientific practice in accordance with the recommendations made by the German Research Society.



The RWTH Fellows program is part of the Place to Be measure. The program is headed by the coordinator of the Place to Be measure, Vice-Rector Doris Klee, coordinator of the Place to Be measure. She is responsible for preparations as well as for the calls being announced in the dean's offices, evaluations, and quality assurance.

The RWTH Fellows selection committee consists of Doris Klee, members of the ERS selection committee, and the speakers of the profile areas.

The selection committee's responsibilities are to

  • support the head of the measure
  • select external reviewers
  • evaluate and forward nominations to the Rectorate
Members of the RWTH Fellows Selection Committee
apl. Prof. Doris Klee
Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development
Coordinator of the Place to Be Measure
Prof. Gerd Ascheid
ERS Coordinator
Faculty 6 - Integrated Signal Processing Systems
Prof. Hendrik Bluhm Faculty 1 - Experimental Physics and Department of Physics
Prof. Wolfgang Bleck Faculty 5 – Ferrous Metallurgy
Prof. Carsten Bolm Profile Area Molecular Science & Engineering – MSE
Prof. Malte Brettel Faculty 8 - Economics for Engineers and Natural Scientists
Prof. Tim Brümmendorf Faculty 10 - internal Medicine
Prof. Stefan Decker Faculty 1 - Information Systems and Databases
Prof. Lutz Eckstein Mobility and Transport Engineering Profile Area
Prof. Fritz Klocke Production Engineering - ProdE
Prof. Stefan Kowalewski Informatics & Communication Technology Profile Area - ICT
Prof. Aloys Krieg Faculty 1 - Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences
Prof. Joachim Mayer Profile Area Material Science & Engineering - MatSE
Prof. Dorit Merhof Faculty 6 - Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Dr. Elke Müller
ERS Coordinator
Head of Department 4.0 – Research and Career
Prof. Stella Neumann Faculty 7 - English Linguistics
Prof. Oliver Pabst Faculty 10 - Molecular Medicine
Prof. Stefan Pischinger Profile Area Energy, Chemical & Process Engineering - ECPE
Prof. Rolf Rossaint Medical Science and Technology Profile Area - MedST
Prof. Kai-Uwe Schröder Faculty 4 - Structural Mechanics, Light-weight Construction, and Technical Mechanics
Prof. Wolfgang Schröder Profile Area Computational Science & Engineering - CompSE

Prof. Ulrich Simon
ERS Coordinator

Faculty 1 - Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry