Carpooling is a tried and true and simple way to reduce traffic on the roads and to care for the environment. Addtionally, commuters can split the costs.


Commuter Portal for RWTH

  • RWTH Aachen has established its own group in the commuter portal Pendlerportal, where University employees and students can register themselves
  • Whether you wish to come to work in your own car or as a passenger in someone else's, the Pendlerportal can find a suitable solution. You can either look for carpooling opportunities within the RWTH group or in the entire portal.
  • Offers to take passengers along or those who wish to ride along are shown in real time on smart phones, tablets, and computers, so that both regularly scheduled and spontaneous rides are possible.
  • The connection with the public transportation schedule shows you alternatives in the event that you don't find a carpool.
  • Use of the portal is 100 percent free of charge and will remain so.
  • A browswer version is available as well as an app for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the PlayStore.


Carsharing is the logical alternative for your own vehicles and offers high potential for use. If necessary, exisiting fleets can be supplemented with the use of additional or special vehicles such as a moving van or a 9-person bus. The monthly settlement of the business trips is well documented and can be broken down by person and project. Maintenance and care of the vehicles fall under the responsibility of the provider as does the establishment of a carsharing station with reserved parking spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions About Carsharing

Who can use carsharing vehicles at RWTH?

  • Employees, whose university institution has a framework agreement with cambio Aachen, Stadtteilauto CarSharing GmbH and who have a driver's license.
  • Every eligible employee will receive a chipcard with its own PIN. This card is the key for all cambio cars.

Can I also use cambio for personal use?

Yes, of course. You will receive a separate, personal customer number and a separate bill. The personal chipcard is valid for both customer numbers.


Park and Ride

The Park and Ride service in Aachen offers, primarily, employed persons the possibility to park their car at the edge of the city and use public transportation to get into the city without encountering traffic or parking issues.
In Aachen, the following P+R facilities are available.

Location / Number of Spots Connection to the Bushof Connection to RWTH Parking Fees
Overview of P+R Facilities in Aachen

Tivoli: 1,200

Busstop: Sportpark, Soers or Alter Tivoli

Every 15 minutes

Travel Time: 11 minutes

Monday to Friday in the morning there are two direct connections with Line 30 to the Uniklink via Ponttor and Westbahnhof; travel time is 21 minutes; in the afternoon there are three direct connections heading towards Tivoli For a fee
Westfriedhof: 179

Every 5 to 10 minutes

Travel Time: 14 minutes

Monday to Friday every 15 minutes to Campus Mitte via Uniklinik, Campus Melaten, and Campus Hörn; travel time is 19 minutes Free of charge
Waldfriedhof: 99

Every 15 minutes

Travel Time: 23 minutes

Monday to Friday in the morning there are two express buses from Line 103 to Westbahnhof via Uniklinik, Campus Melaten, and Hörn; travel time is 35 minutes; in the afternoon there are three express buses towards the Waldfriedhof.

Diverse bus lines going to the Aachen Bushof, where you can switch buses to reach the University

Free of charge
Jülicher Straße / Prager Ring

Every 5 to 10 minutes

Travel Time: 10 minutes

Diverse bus lines going to the Aachen Bushof, where you can switch buses to reach the University; travel time is 15 to 25 minutes

Direct connections with Lines 30 and 70 towards the Uniklinik

Free of charge

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