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Childcare During Events

On request the Family Services Center organizes additional childcare during university events as a special service for institutes, central institutions, and other RWTH Aachen institutions. This includes events that take place regularly as well as those that do not, such as galas, conferences, symposia, workshops, or award ceremonies.

We would like to close the childcare gaps that particularly arise during the afternoon, evening, and weekends through additional events. If you would like to use these childcare services, please email the two weeks before the event.

Our offferings include:

  • Registration forms for parents
  • Leasing or provision of spaces, in direct proximity to the event, when possible
  • Child and age appropriate equipment in designated spaces, outfitted with toys, craft materials, and quiet areas
  • Qualified personnel with childcare experience

For childcare lasting more than three hours, the hosting institution assumes provision of meals for the children and childcare providers in agreement with the Family Services Center. If there is no suitable room free of charge available within the university, the hosting institution carries the costs for renting and utilizing suitable rooms.


Emergency Childcare

There are many situations that required emergency childcare. Emergency childcare can be requested in case of:

  • sudden illness of your child
  • sudden illness of the parent of caregiver
  • sudden loss of regular childcare

Employees can take unpaid leave from employment for the purpose of emergency childcare. Furthermore, they can apply for support from their statury health care provider – please refer to the flyer for more details. Furthermore, Aachen and Herzogenrath residents can also directly contact Caritas for the services provided by the so-called Familienfeuerwehr (sometimes it is possible to provide this service for residents of other Aachen districts as well).

The Familienfeuerwehr provides support by sending qualified volunteers to support families for a period of up to three days. This service is free of charge; however, voluntary donations for the provision of services and the qualification of volunteers are welcome.

If it is not possible to secure support from the Familienfeuerwehr, please get in touch with the Family Services Center to discuss alternative options.

In case of a longer-term loss of regular childcare, for example due to holiday of the caregiver, students with a child (or children) have the opportunity to apply to the Family Services Center for a grant to cover expenses related to hourly childcare.


Babysitting Services

Are you looking for someone to care for your child regularly or just for a few hours now and then? In either case, please contact us, because we have access to a pool of experienced and qualified babysitters, who we would be happy to put you in touch with. Care is available on weekdays and weekends for children of all age groups. We are happy to advise you in person or on the phone. In addition you can get detailed information from us about topics such as insurance, parental responsibilites and payment options for private childcare.


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