Spin-off Award


The Spin-off Award is the only official award for outstanding spin-offs of RWTH Aachen University. The award provides spin-offs with the opportunity to effectively promote their business through the close connection to RWTH Aachen University, especially in an early business stage.


Winners of the 2017 Spin-off Award

Logo energieloft  


The innovation network ENERGIELOFT (de) improves the innovation process and technology transfer in the energy sector, focusing on the support of start-ups. It seeks to address the problem that many start-up companies fail, even though they have innovative ideas and promising business models, due to a lack of collaborative partners from industry.

Against this backdrop, ENERGIELOFT brings together starts-ups, research institutes, and established companies, in particular from the energy sector, to develop new products and business models. Moreover, ENERGIELOFT operates a digital innovation platform as well as collaborative networking and information fora to boost innovation activities.

Logo gridX GmbH  

gridX GmbH

The German energy market suffers from outdated structures and a plethora of actors, and so German consumers have to pay a very high price for electricity – the second highest in Europe.

GridX (de), a start-up founded by graduates from RWTH Aachen and supported by the EXIST program, seeks to solve this problem by establishing the first digital energy utility that connects owners of decentralized energy generation and storage facilities with end users.

Thus gridX creates a community in which energy is used and experienced in a new way. It makes it possible to monitor one’s own energy profile (generation, consumption) and compare it with that of other community members. Intelligent energy management and the opportunities provided by the community of producers and consumers make it possible to reduce energy costs.

The core element of gridX is the newly developed gridBox control unit which allows the integration of distributed generation units into the grid cloud infrastructure.

Logo physiosense GmbH  

physiosense GmbH

Physiosense (de) allows the production of "smart" products by enabling their interaction with users. Pressure sensors in textiles make it possible to detect body postures, movements, and gestures, for example, information which can be used to adapt the product in specific situations and according to individual users’ needs.

Possible products to be optimized in terms of comfort and ergonomics with the help of sensors include office chairs, car seats, or even the soles of running shoes. Another application in the automotive sector is the optimization of airbags – sensors are capable of detecting whether the car seat is occupied by a child or by an adult and refine the control of airbags accordingly.

Thus physiosense makes it possible for many manufacturers to bring to market more intelligent, more comfortable, and safer products. It develops both sensor hard- and software solutions for a broad range of applications and provides, if desired, data assessment and administration services.

Logo Conbility GmbH  

Conbility GmbH

In its three business areas “Software Solutions,” “Technology Consulting,” and “Production Systems,” Conbility GmbH provides holistic solutions for the manufacturing industry. The objective of the company is to turn the the world’s best ideas into reality in an economically viable way. The portfolio includes the analysis of customers’ ideas for new products, for example in conducting market, technology, or benchmark studies; advising on suitable materials and production technologies; the development and implementation of prototypes; the selection of production equipment; and the development of special machines. In this holistic process, the company’s OPLYSIS® process costing software is being used throughout.

The software is also one of the core products of the company. It enables customers to model complex production process chains that are cost-optimized and provides information on costs, cycle times, production capacity, and the effects of production scale-up, among others. OPLYSIS is being used in all industry sectors, regardless of product, process, or company size.

In addition, the company offers a broad range of consulting services, including production audits, process cost analyses, and process optimization.

Logo oculavis GmbH  

oculavis GmbH

One of the core products of oculavis is the innovative remote process platform SHARE, which enables remote collaboration of experts with service technicians, quality managers, customers or suppliers.

To massively reduce travel costs and to increase work productivity, SHARE connects experts and technicians around the globe by using mobile devices like smart glasses, tablets or smart phones. The platform can be used for sharing repair or operating instructions and to manage service cases, audits and maintenance tasks.

On-site technicians are able document everything with multimedia support. The global availability of the SHARE cloud platform enables knowledge management across locations. If there is an urgent problem, experts and technicians connect via realtime videochat and share the same point of view by using smart glasses, providing customers with an efficient tool for collaborative problem solving. Furtermore, multimedia instructions and augmented reality features allow remote worker guidance and training.