EXIST Research Transfer


EXIST Research Transfer is a nationwide funding program that aims at increasing the number of particularly ambitious technology oriented start up from universites and non-university research institutions.

The research team describes the innovative product idea in a project sketch and the development effort including proof of technical feasability. A mentor from the university must be named. Proof of supervision via an entreprenurial network must be also be provided. With the help of the entrepreneurial network, the research team looks for a coach, who supports the venture in entrepreneurial matters.

Who is funded?

Funding Period I

  • Research teams at universities and research institutions (maximum of three researchers and technicians or lab technicians)
  • Expansion of the team through a person with business administrative skills possible
  • Proposal submission for Funding Period I takes place through the respective university or non-university research institution.

Funding Period II

  • Follow-up financing for technology oriented businesses, that were founded in the process or as a result of Funding Period I.

Proposal submission for Funding Period II takes place through the business founded or in the process of being founded in Funding Period I.

What is funded and how?

Funding Period I

  • Object of funding: implementation of development work to prove the technical feasability, prototype development, working out a business plan, foundation
  • Personnel costs assumed 100 percent, with a maximum of four positions
  • The draft of a business plan for implementing a business idea and the preparation for founding a business (Funding Period I)
  • 250,000 Euro-stipend for material costs that cannot be reimbursed (for example everyday objects, expendable items, investment goods, property rights, market research, and the allocation of orders and coaching measures)
  • Maximum funding duration: 18 months

The demands made to the teams funded by EXIST Research Transfer are as follows:

  • Basic innovation from a research project as the foundation for the purpose (proof of priniciple must be present)
  • Technical feasibility or proof of concept requires tremendous research and development effort
  • Technologies with relatively long time to market durations
  • The company does not yet have to be founded at the time of application

Funding Period II:

  • Object of funding: further development work, measures for the adoption of business operations in newly founded technology companies, as well as the creation of requirements for external venture financing
  • A non-reimbursable venture grant of up to 180,000 Euros; at the highest, 75 percent of venture specific costs
  • Funding requirement: The business provides its own funds, including possibly venture capital, in a 1:3 proportion (up to 60,000 Euros)
  • Maximum funding duration: 18 months

Funding Bodies

The EXIST Entrepreneuer Scholarship is a funding program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is co-financed by the European Social Fund. The project coordination is assumed by Projektträger Jülich, PTJ for short.