The Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce or IHK and RWTH Aachen inititated the GründerStart Initiative in order professionalize business ideas capable of growth as quickly as possible. Ideas with many prospects, which possess a great potential to grow, are supported by the GründerStart Initiative.


amounting from 30,000 Euros to a maximum of 50,000 Euros in which the business shares of the GSI are contained or deducted, tax advising and economic counseling, professional controlling, creation of a business plan, contract templates, access to patent information, qualification and personality development, networking to patent companies, support with further financing through establising contact to donors, and accompaniment during financing discussions.


  • Founded in the Aachen, Düren, Euskirchen, Heinsberg region
  • Above average potential for growth with regards to jobs, turnover development, or transregional value added
  • Business and finance plan as a rough concept for the first five business years
  • Entrepreneur personality with a defined aptitude for being a business leader