The S-UBG AG has developed participation models since 1988, for small and medium sized business implements them with its partners. The SUBG offers businesses equity to realize their plans and ventures in the Aachen, Krefeld, and Mönchengladbach technology and economic regions. It also offers synergies with partner business and support from a network, that is partially based on contacts to shareholder thrifts. In accordance with "proof of concept", start ups are financed from production development to the market launch to the growth period and when applicable to the start market launch.

The S-VC GmbH,an early stage fund, was established in 1997.

Target Group:

  • Founders and young entrepreneuers, who are convincing with innovative and promising concepts
  • Rationalization and expansion investors, ventures to develop new markets, possible international cooperations, takeover of competitions, possible fusions
  • Desire to withdraw from a business as a shareholder, but the remaining shareholders are not ready or able to purchase the shares
  • Uncontrolled business successions
  • Mid sized companies, who wish to implement their plans for grown or arrange their succession

Requirements for Participation:

  • The enterprise must be technology oriented.
  • The business must be based in Aachen.
  • The company must have been founded no more than 18 months ago.