Continuing Education Offers



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All RWTH employees have the opportunity to participate in our continuing education offerings. These are offered as part of the educational offerings from the following RWTH institutions and programs:

  • Center for Doctoral Studies CDS
  • Center for Professional Leadership CPL
  • Career and Training for Technical and Administrative Employees

The language of instruction is German or English; for further information, please refer to the seminar description.

Basic Seminars

Our basic seminars provide an short introduction to the topic of research data management, touching on topics such as the data management plan, metadata, collaboration, publication, storage and archiving

Basic seminars include:

  • Management of Research Data
  • Research Data Management – An Overview
  • Research Data Management – What is it all about?

Advanced Seminars

The topics introduced in the basic seminars are presented and discussed in more detail in our advanced courses

Advanced seminars include:

  • Creating Data Management Plans
  • Data Management in Work Groups and Collaborations
  • Archiving and Publication of Research Data: Responsibilities and Opportunities
  • Data from Doctoral Dissertations: Publication and Archiving of Research Data

For further information on seminar dates and course contents, please visit the Staff Development Events Database. We are continuously expanding our offerings, so please check back periodically for new items.

Further Offers

Aside from these RWTH-specific offers, there are additional excellent continuing education resources free of charge. We recommend the following:

  • MANTRA Research Data Training offers extensive content on all areas of research data management in English. The program, which has been available since 2012, has targeted portals for students, researchers, postdocs, and information specialists.
  • The MooC Research Data Management and Sharing contains an introduction to research data management in English. It is designed to completed in five weeks and can be completed with a certificate, if desired.
  • The e-learning website from HTW Chur and HEG Genf offers various basic, advanced, and pedagogical modules on all areas of research data management in German and French.
  • The course Essentials 4 Data Support is oriented towards information specialists, who want to offer research data management services. It is available in English and Dutch.