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Horizon 2020

The current framework program for research and innovation, "Horizon 2020," bundles together the EU programs for research and innovation funding. With an interdisciplinary approach it takes the entire innovation cycle into account and promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas. One central objective of the new framework program is to contribute to closing the gap between research and the market, in order to strengthen European competitiveness through the resulting innovations and simultaneously promote solutions forward for great social challenges. The projects are intended to contribute to this goal.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology – EIT

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT for short – founded in 2007 – contributes to increasing Europe's ability to innovative and initiating sustainable economic growth. The mission is to create synergies between education, research, and innoation and to promote the systematic construction of regional clusters and international networks of institutes, universities, and industrial research centers with the greatest ability to perform. The so-called co-location centers, or CLC, form regionally-rooted accumulation points for collaboration between members of so-called knowledge and innovation communities, KICs.

On the following pages you will find an overview of the EU projects coordinated by RWTH in the 7th Research Framework Program and H2020 and an overview of the EIT-KICs, in which RWTH Aachen is participating.

Furthermore, RWTH Aachen is involved as a partner in a number of other EU projects.