Contact and Office Hours for School Students and Prospective Students


Student Advice Centre building


+49 241 80 94050



Depending on the problem you come to us with, it may make sense to attend the open office hours or make an advising appointment. The open office hours is primarily intended for brief questions lasting about 20 minutes, for example to discuss the formalities of changing your course of study. You should make an appointment when you have a problem that will take more time, for example when you don't know what to study.

Our info center is open for you daily. You are welcome here if you are looking for information materials or brief advising. We are also happy to answer brief questions on the phone or via email. Please note that we arrange appointments exclusively using the appointment form online.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Non-Scheduled Advising

2 to 5pm

3 to 5pm (only from May to July)

Brief Advising via Telephone

8 to 10am

2 to 4pm

8 to 10am

8 to 10am

14 bis 16 Uhr

Info Center

10am to 12:30pm

2 to 5pm

10am to 12 noon

2 to 4pm

10am to 12:30pm 10am to 12 noon
Scheduled Advising Please arrange an appointment with us!