Re-Enrollment Winter Semester 2016/17

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Making Payments On Time

Students enrolled at RWTH Aachen must re-register before the start of every semester, so that they can continue your studies. Please transfer the semester fee on time. You will automatically receive a reminder e-mail to your RWTH address about the necessary payment at the beginning of the re-registration period. The e-mail includes details on the deadline for re-registration, the student body and social contribution fees, banking details, etc.

How Do I Re-Register?

By paying the semester fees on time, you officially submit your request to continue your studies. The amount has to be received by RWTH Aachen by the end of the re-registration period, i.e. the value date of your bank transfer has to prior to - and including - the last day of the registration period.


Re-Enrollment for Winter Semester 2016/17

Please make sure that the fee of 244.75 Euros is received in the RWTH Aachen account no later than September 1, 2016, and that you entered the appropriate information in the reference field.


If the fee is received after the above deadline, you will have to pay a handling fee for late enrolment.

Account Information for Payments
IBAN DE 34 3905 0000 0000 0145 22
Financial Institution Sparkasse Aachen
Receiver Kasse der RWTH Aachen

You are officially re-enrolled after the University has received payment of your semester fee and was able to identify you as the payer. To facilitate identification, please use the payment reference given in CAMPUS Office when you initiate the bank transfer .

Using CAMPUS Office, you can check your status – whether you have been re-registered or not – under “Rückmelden und Bezahlen.” If your status is “re-enrolled,” you can download your certificate of enrollment under “Bescheinigungen.”

Re-Enrollment Ban

If you are debarred from re-enrolling, possibly due to not having paid your insurance or University Library fees, you will be notified in due course.

Re-Enrollment Ban for Exchange Students

The re-enrollment process for exchange students is identical to that of regular students at the University. There is one exception for students who stay longer at RWTH Aachen than originally planned, i.e. who extend their stay by another semester: by default, these students are initially debarred from re-enrollment. If you are an exchange student who wants to to apply for an extension of your stay, the Departmental Coordinator of your faculty must agree to notify the International Office of your intention to extend your stay. This notification is required for every semester that you wish extend your stay at RWTH Aachen.

As soon as this notification is received by the International Office, your re-enrollment is possible. Please contact your departmental adviser on time so that you can re-enroll on time. If you have any questions on this process, please contact the International Office.


Semester Fee Amount

You can use Campus Office to find out which current semester fee you need to pay. To find out what payment details you need to individually note, so that the payment entry is automatically connected to your matriculation number, look in your personal account under "Studierendensekretariat" (Registrar's Office) under "Rückmelden und Bezahlen" (Re-enrollment and Payment).

Breakdown of 244.75 euros Semester Fee
Student Body Fee
AStA Student Representative Body 4.55 Euros
University Sports 1.10 Euros
Childcare at RWTH Aachen 1.50 Euros
Student Hardship Fund 0.01 Euros
Aachen University Radio Station 0.50 Euros
Kármán University Newspaper 0.05 Euros
Queerreferat of the Universities of Aachen 0.19 Euros
Student Councils of the Faculties 1.00 Euro
Semester Ticket Mobility Fee and NRW Ticket) 113.25 Euros
NRW Ticket 49.50 Euros
Mobility Hardship Fund 0.10 Euros
Social Contribution for Student Services 73.00 Euros

What happens if I re-enroll late?

If you re-enroll late, a late fee will be charged in accordance with the RWTH Aachen Charges Statute from JUly 25, 2011. The late fee is currently 7.60 euros.

The semester cannot be sent nor can you register for exams or courses through Campus Office till you re-enroll.

If the student body and social contribution fee have not been transferred by October 31 for the winter semester or April 30 for the summer semester, the university will terminate your enrollment.

Re-enrollment Unsuccessful

Did you pay the student body and social contribution fee but wee not re-enrolled? This is treated as an individual case. Please write a short to the Registrar's Office. Make sure to include your student ID number.

If you accidentally transferred too much money, you can request to have the amount returned with the Request for Reimbursement of Fees and Contributions. We ask that you submit this request in a timely fashion to the Registrar's Office either in person or via mail.