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Just Talk It Over with Someone!

We are always at your side regarding studies - with understandable explanations, well founded decision aids, and contact to the right contact person. Whether you are a school student or university student - we will support you with any questions about studies.

Info Hours - Open Office Hours - Individual Appointment

Here you can find our office hours.

Our Info Center is open daily. You are welcome to come in if you need information materials or brief advising.
Our academic advisors offer personal conversations during open office hours and in individually scheduled appointment. We will happily answer any brief questions over the phone or email through our brief advising.


We Will Gladly Advise You on These Topics

  1. Courses of study offered at RWTH Aachen
  2. Orienting yourself and choosing a course of study
  3. Demands and content of studies
  4. Preparation for studies and layout of studies
  5. Guidelines for application and enrollment
  6. Changing your degree program or universities
  7. Social questions about studies
  8. Career prospects and the job market
  9. Search for contact persons at the university

Competent Advising, Understandable Information

Whether you are just about to decide what to study or you are already studying and want to reconsider your decision, and change subjects for example, you will want to consider many things and weigh different alternatives. Get advising before your decision.

Our academic advisors can provide you with any information regarding studies and will help you with a well founded decision. We see our advising as support for self-help. That is, we accompany you, while you make your own personal decisions about studies.

Neutral, confidential, and of course free of charge

We have an obligation to confidentiality. Everything we discuss with you, stays between us. We do not spread any information further, including to other university employees.

The goal of our advice is not to advertise a course of study or promote studies at RWTH Aahen. You can rest assured that our conversation focuses on your concerns and interests.


Presentations and Information Sessions

In addition to advising in person, we offer info sessions and presentations, where school students, students, parents, and school teachers can get information all about choosing a course of study and academics.


Academic Advising and University Visits for School Groups and Upper Levels

Either on location at your school or directly at RWTH Aachen - we offer advising and presentations for groups in person. If you visit us at RWTH Aachen, you can combine your information session with a university tour or a lecture visit. Please contact us with what you are interested in, either over our brief advising via phone or via - we will gladly advise you.


Advising for Pupils to Ease the Transition to University – KAoA: No Graduation Without Continuation

As part of North Rhine-Westphalia’s KAoA initiative to provide young people with educational, vocational and career guidance, school students shall be assisted in identifying their talents and strengths so as to choose the right course of study and career path. Against this backdrop, we have expanded our activities and offer events and presentations at secondary schools in the region. For further information, please refer to our No Graduation Without Continuation website.


What happens in an academic advising meeting?

When is the best time to go to the open office hours without an appointment?

You can come to the open office hours without making an appointment. However, if it will take you a while to get here and cannot get here during the office hours, you should notify the Student Advice Centre beforehand.

The Student Advice Centre has established particular office hours for school students on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. This can sometimes lead to waiting times, especially in the spring before the Abitur. We ask our students to try and use the morning appointments, so that we can answer your questions without any distractions.

When should I plan my first visit to the Student Advice Centre?

Come as early as possible.  We are happy, when school students do not wait to see us till right before the application period. We will have more time for any concerns, and you have more time to prepare your decision on what to study.

How can I start preparing?

Our academic advisors usually take 20 minutes for an academic advising appointment.  It is best if you have already thought about which questions you can answer yourself and which you would like help with.

If you are deciding what to study, you can take one of RWTH Aachen's Self Assessments and other tests to create a profile, for example the  Situativen Interessenstest or the  Ministry of Science, Research, and Art self test from the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg or the Ruhr-Uni Bochum online advising tool.

Are there any good resources online that can help me answer my questions?

Yes, there are.  There are good aids for any information question, that can be answered during an academic advising appointment.  We put together a few of them in our Web-Weiser. Take a look!

Is it better to come with my parents or alone?

That is your decision. However please keep in mind:The decision of what to study is one of the first decisions, where you alone will have to bear the consequences.  For this reasons, we are happy, if you act as independently as possible when choosing your studies. We know: this is the best prerequisite for an independent, viable decision. We offer special presentation evenings with personal conversations following, in order to provide your parents with important information.

I am already studying at university. What questions can I contact the Student Advice Centre with?

We will provide advising for any questions that arise during your studies: for example accommodation difficulties in the first few weeks at the university, social problems, learning difficulties, or the decision to change your degree program.

I am considering changing my subject. Can the Student Advice Centre help me with this?

Yes, please contact us as soon as possible. We offer special individual advising appointments and group presentations on changing degree programs.


Should I go to the Student Advice Centre or departmental advising? What is the difference?

The Student Advice Centre does not only provide information about all subjects and decision aids, but rather also application processes, basic BAFöG guidelines, and social questions about the start of your studies. In contrast, departmental advisors provide advising specifically for a subject and will answer your more specific questions. If students want to change subjects, departmental advisors can provide information about kind of credit and recognition students can get for their first studies. They will often then issue a certificate of good standing, with which the student can enroll in the new subject.