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Bruno de Castro Martin Braun

I did not only learn German as a second language. I have grown as a person. My stay in Aachen gave me the opportunity to acknowledge the intercultural differences between Germany and Brazil and to learn from them. This affects my professional relationships but even more so my personal relationships.

Bruno de Castro

Please note

All exchange students can also attend German courses at RWTH Aachen during the semester. You can register once you are enrolled at our university.

DUO courses are exclusively reserved for ERASMUS students.

We recommend taking a German course to prepare for study abroad at RWTH Aachen. The minimum requirement for language skills is Niveau B1.1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or GeR. Even if you have already attained this niveau or you only want to take courses in English, we recommend acquiring German skills before your stay. The native language is the key to life in Germany and will make it easier for you to meet and make friends, communicate within the University, and to live and go through everyday life in Aachen.

Below we have listed a few possibilities for learning German. However, there are many other language schools. The following information should just be considered a suggestion. You are welcome to take a language course or German test and other language schools or institutes.

DEUTSCHinternational Kurs

Each September the RWTH Aachen Language Center offers an intensive refresher course, the DEUTSCHinternational Kurs, specifically for exchange students from partner universities and for participants in mobility programs. This language course is an intensive advanced course for students, who already have basic German skills, meaning they have already attained a niveau of at least A2.2.

All exchange students and program students can participate who are beginning their stay in the winter semester and are applying for stay during the winter semester or entire academic year. The intensive German course is not offered before the summer semester. Application for the course takes place online between the beginning of May and the middle of August. You will receive additional information abougt registration and a link to the registration page via email after submitting your application for an exchange placement to the International Office.

All applicants, who fulfill the language requirements, receive a spot in the German course as long as there are spaces available. Please note that you must complete an online self-assessment test beforehand. This test does not replace the placement test in Aachen. The time and location of placement test in Aachen will be provided to you in time. The test is always held at the beginning of September and is mandatory.

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support, OLS

This offer comprises a language test for Erasmus+ students, as well as a free language course for some students. Every university receives a certain number of licences and is responsible for advising its own students on this offer. It also allocates the licences for the free language course. Please contact the international office of your own home university for further information. You can also find information directly on the EU Commission's pages about ERASMUS+ OLS.

The results of the OLS test can be submitted as proof of language skills together with the application.

Deutsch-Uni Online

Deutsch-Uni Online, DUO for short, offers online German courses for ERASMUS students. Please contact the host Deutsch-Uni Online with all questions.

Goethe Institut

The Goethe Institut offers a number of possibilities for learning German. It has locations worldwide where you can take a German course or exam. You can find all the information about courses and culture directly on the Goethe Institut's webpages.

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