We will not be able to process any enrollments in winter semester 2018, due to the introduction of fee management in RWTHOnline. Please take this into consideration when planning your stay. Thank you for your understanding.

Change beginning summer semester 2018: Enrollment only open until June 30 in the summer semester and December 31 in the winter semester.


Other Forms of Mobility



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Projects and Internships

Erasmus+ SMP: Internships for Incomings

Your home university is sponsoring your internship at RWTH Aachen University as part of the Erasmus+ SMP program? Register with us once you have independently organized your internship.

Visiting Project Students

Students coming to RWTH Aachen University for the purpose of completing a project – for example an internship or thesis – can also enroll at RWTH Aachen for the duration of their stay, on the condition that they are enrolled as student at a university abroad. You have already independently organized your stay and have found a project supervisor?

Registration information for Visiting Project Students and Erasmus+ interns

How can you find a supervisor for your project?

Generally visiting project students are required to find a project supervisor independently. While the International Office does not offer support in this matter, we have put together some practical tips for finding a supervisor.


Important Information

Visiting Project Students, Free Movers and ERASMUS+ SMP interns cannot apply for rooms within the International Office’s room quota at the “Studierendenwerk” student dormitories. This accommodation is reserved for incoming students from our partner universities who are taking part in one of our exchange or mobility programs.

Preparatory intensive German courses are also not available to these student groups. However, if your stay is planned to coincide with the semester dates, then you can take part in the semester courses offered by the Language Center.


Free Movers – non-exchange

Free Movers are students enrolled at a foreign university who are planning to study at RWTH Aachen for a short period of time. Unlike exchange and program students, there is no bilateral cooperation agreement between RWTH and the home university. Free Movers apply to RWTH and organize their stay in Aachen independently.

After you have successfully applied to RWTH Aachen as a Free Mover, you can be enrolled as a student and will be able to take participate in courses and exams. You can achieve credits and request certificates to confirm your academic achievements. As a visiting student, it is not possible to complete your final exams or receive an academic title from RWTH Aachen University.

How to apply as a Free Mover – non-exchange

Although we welcome applications from Free Movers, please be aware that Free Movers are not automatically entitled to a university place at RWTH Aachen.


Enrollment for Free Movers, Visiting Project Students and Erasmus+ interns

Please note that Free Movers, Visiting Project Students and Erasmus+ interns can only enroll when they are still enrolled at a university abroad at the same time. Erasmus+ interns who make use of the program as graduates cannot enroll at RWTH Aachen!

Special Cases: Forschungszentrum Jülich and Fraunhofer-Institute

Students who are going to complete a project, a thesis work or an internship at Forschungszentrum Jülich or at the Fraunhofer-Institute, must explicitly be supervised by a RWTH professor in order to get enrolled. It means that the invitation letter or the confirmation of supervision must be signed by the RWTH professor him- or herself. Documents issued by another person, for instance by a scientific assistant, will not be accepted. Therefore you should request the necessary documents as early as possible from the RWTH professor so that you can enroll during the enrollment period.

Free Movers who are planning to study at RWTH Aachen, will receive an enrollment invitation with further information from the International Office shortly before the semester begins.

Free Movers and Visiting Project Students can be enrolled as students at RWTH for a maximum of two semesters. It is not possible to extend the stay after this time.

Students who are completing a sponsored internship as part of the Erasmus+ program or a project, can enroll at any time during the enrollment period upon arrival on the condition that their stay in Aachen will last at least two months. Please contact the Incoming Student Services in the International Office.

Please note: After enrollment you will need to pay a semester fee in order to receive a BlueCard and transport ticket. Further information about the fee and which services it covers can be found on our webpage for re-enrollment.