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You can print out various certificates with your acquired achievements yourself online through the Virtual Central Examination Office, VZPA, in CAMPUS Office such as

  • certificates for all passed and failed performances (transcript of records, total achievements)
  • the certificate of passing (lists only those exams and assessments which you have passed)

If you require a certificate with a signature and stamp, please contact your advisor in the ZPA.

Certificate FAQs

Can I get a certificate that only shows what I have passed?

Yes. You can issue these online in Campus Office or ask your case worker in the ZPA to issue them for you.

ZPA Contact Persons

What do the abbreviations RT, RU, and AT on the transcript and certificate mean?

RT = Cancellation online through the VZPA
RU = Cancellation in person in the ZPA
AT = Withdrawal through submission of a doctor's note

How long after finishing my studies can I view an overview of my grades (Notenspiegel)?

If you have changed courses of study, you will continue to be able to see the overview of your grades and any certificates through the VZPA.

If you have graduated, you will be able to view an overview of your grades or any certificates through the VZPA as long as you have access to your CAMPUS Office.

I have terminated my enrollment and need a certificate for academic performance. What do I do?

Contact your respective case worker. He or she will provide you with the necessary certificate.