Teaching Award

2017 teaching prize award winners Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

The "Leonardo" project was awarded the Teaching Prize for oustanding achievements in teaching during the annual RWTHtransparent. Professor Christoph Jungemann was named Instructor of the Year.



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Honoring Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Since 2001, RWTH Aachen has been awarding Teaching Awards in order to recognize outstanding performance in teaching and learning at the University. In 2017, awards were once given in the two categories, "Instructor of the Year" and the "Project of the Year." The project award is worth 12,000 euros, the instructor award 6,000 euros. The prize money is to be used in teaching and research, whereby at least two thirds of the amoung should be dedicated to teaching and learning.

Support of the Learning Process and Superior Involvement

In accordance with RWTH Aachen's Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy, which aims at improving basic teaching at RWTH Aachen, teachers and projects should be promoted who particularly commit themselves to outstanding, innovative teaching. Outstanding teaching strategies, the support for students, or superior commitment to teaching are at the focus.

Nominations Accepted until July 20, 2018

The Rector's Office looks forward to numerous nominations. Deadline for nominations is July 20, 2018.

2017 Teaching Prize

Person receives certificate Copyright: Andreas Schmitter Professor Christoph Jungemann receives the 2017 Teaching Prize

After a review of the nominations and intense deliberation, the Commission for Quality Management in Teaching has recommended the below named members of RWTH Aachen for the 2017 Teaching Award. The Rector’s Office has approved the nominations. The award was presented during the RWTHtransparent event on January 26, 2018.

Teaching Prize in the Instructor Category

The Teaching Prize for instructors was awarded to Professor Christoph Jungemann from the Institute of Electromagnetic Theory. In his lectures, Jungemann teaches students the fundamentals of electromagnetic field theory, an important topic later in their professional careers. He uses modern teaching methods including recordings of exercises and lecturers. He also makes an effort to ensure all students begin the course on equal footing with the same background knowledge. As dean of academics for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, he consistently communicates with students. He additionally serves as the contact person for instructors regarding blended learning formats.

Teaching Prize in the Project Category

The Teaching Prize for projects was awarded to the interfaculty project "Leonardo." Under the leadership of Professor Emanuel Richter, Professor Max Kerner, and Dr. Felix Kampel, the project focuses on social challenges in different modules. These modules are usually taught by two lecturers from two different disciplines. The individual modules cover topics that address questions and problems of the energy industry, climate change, world population and health, flight and migration, and cultural dialogue.

The topics are examined from varying perspectives – technical, cultural, and social – leading students to have discussions with an interdisciplinary approach. The project additionally aims to make students familiar with different lines of thinking and approaches from varying disciplines.

2017 Teaching Prize awarded to "Leonardo" project
2017 Teaching Prize awarded to Professor Christoph Jungemann