RWTH Aachen Concept for Course of Study Evaluations

Three moderation cards lie on a table. RWTH Aachen

1. Establishment of an Evaluation Project Group

Members of the Evaluation Project Group are chosen by the Faculty Council. The project group consists of a maximum of ten members, whereby individual groups of university instructors, academic staff, and students, are all taken into consideration. Since RWTH Aachen highly values sufficient student involvement, at least three of the project group members are students.

2. Creation of an Internal Evaluation Report

Objective quantifiable data and subjective estimates from teachers and students are compiled in the evaluation report. In particular, the evaluation of teaching, learning, and assessments is at the focus of the evaluation report, in addition to general aspects of a teaching unit, such as educational goals, equipment, quality assurance and improvement, application of teaching and learning, internationalization, research aspects, and the status of disabled students and the promotion of women.

3. Subject-internal Discussion Involving the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning

The discussion, resulting from the realizations obtained in the evaluation report, takes place in the form of a moderated, subject specific, and internal discussion on learning and teaching and is moderated by the Vice-Rector for Teaching. The goal of this discussion is the establishment of a catalogue of measures, that will be regularly reviewed with respect to the implementation of the arranged measures.

4. Catalogue of Measures for Improving the Quality of Teaching

At the end of the discussion on teaching and learning, with external moderation, concrete measures for improving teaching are determined between university management and the faculties, resp, teaching units. The arranged measures are written in a catalogue of measures, which describes the following for each measure:

  • the basic problem (current status)
  • the target area of the measures (target status)
  • requirement (measure)
  • responsibiity within the teaching unit (who)
  • the planned schedule for the implementation of the measures (when)

The Catalogues of Measures (de) are published in accordance with section eleven of the Evaluation Regulations. The arranged or determined measures should be used for targeted public image and profiling by individual teaching units.

5. Review of Measures

The catalogue of measures will be submitted to the Vice-Rector of Teaching and Learning no later than three months after discussion have ended. Measures are reviewed by the scheduled deadlines. If necessary, the Recotrate will conduct discussions with the respective faculty about the intermediate status. The catalogues of measures are at the disposal of the Division of Teaching for submitting the report to the university councils.

In order to reduce the workload for faculties resulting from the creation of evaluation reports for, course of study evaluations and the accreditation process are combined with each other at RWTH Aachen. The course of study evaluation process is determined in the Evaluation Regulation for Teaching and Learning at RWTH Aachen (de).