Formalities to be Completed after your Enrollment

Female student getting information at the International Office Andreas Hermann

Upon enrollment at RWTH, you will receive the following documents:

Bank Transfer Slip / Pay Form

Upon enrollment at university, you will receive a bank transfer slip and pay form so that you can arrange your university fees payment. Using the transfer slip, you can pay the amount due from your bank account by electronic transfer. Alternatively, if you do not have any bank account in Germany, you can pay the amount in cash into the university account at one of the branches of Sparkasse Aachen. For this transaction, a small fee will be due. We advise you to use the bank transfer slip as it includes all relevant information, such as your student ID number, your number of semester studied, the amount due as well as the bank details of the university. As soon as the university receives your payment, the enrolment procedure is completed and you have formally joined RWTH Aachen University. Therefore you should pay your semester fees as soon as possible.

Temporary Student ID Card (Enrollment Certificate)

When enrolling at RWTH Aachen University, you will receive a temporary enrolment certificate which will serve as a substitute for your student ID card for a few weeks. This certificate is valid until you receive your enrolment and semester documents from RWTH Aachen University. Further, by presenting this certificate at the ASEAG Services Centre – the local public transport provider – , you can obtain a preliminary public transport pass (see also below). For more information, please contact the Info-Service Center of the International Office.

Enrollment and Semester Documents

About four to six weeks after RWTH has received the payment for your semester fees, you will receive a semester package containing all relevant documents for the current semester by mail. Therefore, please make sure that you keep the Registrar's Office and the International Office informed about any change of address, also at a later time during your studies.

Please read all of the documents sent to you carefully. You should now have the following documents:

  • Your personal data sheet ("Stammdatenblatt") stating all necessary information concerning your studies, such as your degree program, the number of semesters studied, your student ID number, etc. Please keep this data sheet in a safe place, as you may need it later during your studies, e.g. when registering for exams.
  • Your Student ID card which replaces the temporary enrollment certificate.
  • Further certificates stating your student status to be presented or submitted when dealing with authorities such as the Residents' Registration Office, the Foreigners' Registration Office, the local Bafg Agency, etc.
  • Your Public Transport Pass or Semesterticket AVV/NRW, which entitles you use most of the public transport opportunities in and around the City of Aachen as well as in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia free of charge. Please read the information on the transport pass carefully as there are some restrictions which you should be aware of – you can use most public transport facilities within Aachen and the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia, but not all of them.
  • The bank transfer slip / pay form for the next semester, so that you can re-register on time.
  • The access code which you need to make use of the services provided by the Center for Computing and Communication of RWTH Aachen University, RZ for short, such as your RWTH email account. You can find the access code on your personal data sheet.

Activating Your IT Center

The IT Center of RWTH Aachen University offers students a host of services such as free internet access (WLAN and wired), your personal email account, user access management (TIM) for IT Center services, and CAMPUS Office, an online information system which gives you access to your study plans, the university's lecture and seminar list, and various other organisational functions.

You are able to activate these services online by using your personal access code which you receive as part of your semester package. Please note that the temporary enrolment certificate does not provide you with an access code.

In order to activate your communication services, please visit the Services Activation web page provided by the IT Center, where You will need to enter your student ID number as well as your access code. Upon successful activation, you will receive your personal access data.

Before using the services, please note the following:

  • Your email address typically is . It is essential that you check your RWTH e-mail regularly as important information regarding your course and activities will be sent to this email account. Of course you can forward your RWTH mail from there to any other email account.
  • Please make sure that you have to protect your PC by installing and maintaining an up-to-date version of a reliable anti-virus software programme. For this purpose, RWTH provides students with Sophos Anti-Virus software. You can download the software as well as the latest virus information which is capable of detecting viruses reaching your computer free of charge.
  • For further information, please visit the IT Centers website.