Living in a Student Dorm

With prices ranging roughly from 180 to 250 Euros, rooms in the student dorms offer a more affordable alternative to the private housing market and are thus quickly filled. It is important that you apply as early as possible and are prepared for long waiting times. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee you will be allocated a room.

Rooms with Studierendenwerk Aachen

In Aachen there a number of student dorms. Most of the dorms are operated by Studierendenwerk Aachen. You can find a complete overview of all the dorms, room categories, prices, and furnishings on the Studierendenwerk Aachen website.

Applying for a Room

International students, just like any other students, can apply online for a dormroom with Studierendenwerk Aachen. Please note that you should send your application as quickly as possible since waiting times can range on average from three to six months. This option is open to all (future) international students at RWTH Aachen, regardless if you are completing a degree here or just coming for an exchange.

Exclusive Offer for Exchange Students and Scholarship Holders: Room Allotments

Are you an exchange student as part of a partnership or exchange program? The RWTH Aachen International Office has arranged a limited allotment of rooms in the dorms with Studierendenwerk Aachen. You can also apply for one of these rooms online. Please note that there is a separate housing portal for this allotment of rooms. Since these rooms are not open to all international students, the International Office will inform you separately and you will receive an email containing further information about how to apply for one of these rooms as well as the link for the online application.

Students in the following programs are eligible to apply:

  • Exchange programs: ERASMUS+ study stay, RWTH Exchange Worldwide, UNITECH, TGGS
  • Double Master's Programs: T.I.M.E. Double Degree and Tsinghua Double Degree
  • DAAD Scholarship Program IIT Master Sandwich
  • Students in the Fast Track Bachelor Admission Program
  • Students in our strategic partnerships with Tsinghua University and IIT Madras

Unfortunately regular international Bachelor's and Master's students cannot apply for a room in this special allotment.

Please Note

You will receive information about applying for a room from the International Office's allotment only after you have applied for an exchange placement or you have registered here as a scholarship holder.

Not every applicant can be granted a room. There are a limited number of rooms available.

We recommend the following: Apply on the Studeriendenwerk Aachen's website for a regular room and look for on the private housing market at the same time.

Rental Period for the Room Allotment

If Studierendenwerk can offer you one of the rooms or studios from the reserved allotment, you can only rent the room for a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year. If you are going to be in Aachen for longer than year, make sure to find an alternative early on by either applingy for a regular room in the dorm online or looking on the private housing market.

Other Dorms

Aside from Studierendenwerk Aachen, the Evangelische Studierendengemeinde, ESG for short, and the Studentenwerk der Katholischen Hochschulgemeinde both offer dorm rooms. You can find application information on their respective websites. You can apply regardless of your ideology or religion.