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Finally your own digs!  Whether a room in a dorm, sharing an apartment, or an apartment just for you – If you are going to study in Aachen, you need to start looking for a place early on.


Aachen is exceedingly popular as a college town, and the numbers prove it. RWTH Aachen had a record high number of enrolled students for the Winter Semester 2011/2012. That means that the number of people looking for a place to live is equally high. As late as March and September, there are lines of students in front of studios, apartments, and dorms, who still need a place to live. And honestly, the chances of finding a place to live long-term don’t look so good so soon before the beginning of the semester.

Thus, we recommend that you start looking for a room at least two to three months before classes start. Even if you have to pay one or two months’ rent deposit, the bottom line is that it will probably be cheaper than something as an emergency solution. Those looking for a room last minute, often have to take into consideration, what is left over, such as rooms in hostels.


Registering in Aachen - Services

The City of Aachen intends to keep wait times for newly arrived students down when they register with the Aachen Residents’ Registration Office. For this reason, students have the opportunity to register their address also in the city district offices.

In addition, until mid-November, students can arrange an appointment for registering their address with the district office of their choice. Further information:



    Social, comfortable, convenient – these characterize the accomodations in the 24 Aachen Student Services dorms. Those interested in moving in here should plan far in advance: Student Services currently recommends applying at least six months before you plan on moving in.

    The Aachen Protestant Student Organization and the Aachen Catholic University Community both offer dorms for students as well.

    Housing Advice

    RWTH Aachen General Student Council (Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss: ASta) holds information sessions and free advising on Living in Aachen.

    Temporary Housing on Melaten Campus

    Due to the high number of students in Aachen and the lack of suitable student housing, RWTH and the City of Aachen have decided to set up temporary accommodation for students in the Campus Park. 90 apartment units have already been completed, and a further 195 units are currently being created. For further information, please visit the Student Campus website.


    The rush to Aachen's housing market – particularly in the weeks before the start of the winter semester – is growing. The city and universities have called for living space to be made available, through the joint Extraraum campaign. To assist students in finding housing options, the Extraraum website provides an easy-to-use accommodation search engine.


    Apartment Listings in the Newspaper

    It is worth checking in newspapers, especially Wednesdays and Saturdays, such as Aachener Nachrichten, Aachener Zeitung, Super Sonntag und Super Mittwoch or the Anzeigenblatt „Annonce“.


    Housing Notices on Posting Boards

    1. Audimax
    2. Foyer of the RWTH building at Ahornstraße 55
    3. Various locations in Kármán-Auditorium
    4. Basement of the Catholic Student Association (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde)
    5. Student bars and cafés

    Registering Your Residence

    The City of Aachen now offers the possibility to register your residence in the individual city precincts. Stadt Aachen

    Housing Hardship Certificate

    Individuals with a low income can find out at the Wohnungsamt der Stadt Aachen (Housing Office of the City Aachen), whether they can obtain cheap housing through a housing hardship certificate.

    Rent Index

    The cost of rent varies greatly within various parts of Aachen. An overview of the typical cost per square meter is available through the city administration rent index - Mietspiegel der Stadtverwaltung.


    Alternative Housing Projects

    WOHNDUO - Accomodations for Help

    Aachen students, who found housing through the “WOHNDUO” project, pay a particular price per square meter: Here, you only pay half of the typical price per square meter for rent, and “pay” the other half, through help/labor. A square meter per hour per month. Whether you take care of a pet, help in the garden, or assist the landlord with shopping, can all be arranged individually by you in the rent agreement. Allocation of WOHNDUO-rooms takes place through the Aachen Student Union.


    Neighboring Cities


    Crossing Borders

    Studying in Aachen and living abroad? If you’re looking for a change in culture, just look on the other side of the German border for a place to live. Also, the cost of rent is often cheaper in the Netherlands or Belgium than in Aachen. You can quickly and regularly reach both neighboring countries from Aachen with the bus, train, or a bike.


    Please note that if you are not a citizen of the EU, it is possible that your visa does not allow you to live outside of Germany during your studies.


    External Links

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