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You must always apply for a study placement in a Master's course of study. In addition to German language courses of study, RWTH Aachen also offers English language courses of study.



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Online Application

The application period for summer semester 2018 begins December 4, 2017. As an application from a country outside of the EU/EEA, you can also already apply for the 2018/2019 winter semester.


Application for a German or English Language Master's Course of Study

You must first check when the application deadlines are. Applications are only accepted during a certain period and are not accepted outside this period.

The first step to applying is making sure you have all of your necessary documents as PDFs. A list of the documents needs is available below.

As soon as you have PDFs of all the necessary documents, fill out the online application form. The link to the online application form will be provided here beginning December 6.

The following documents are needed to apply and must be uploaded as PDFs at the end of your application:

  • Tabular resume
  • Copy of transcript of records, and if possible, the module descriptions, also called a diploma supplement. Please submit a transcript of records with all of the completed semesters until now. At the time of application, you should be able to submit your transcript of records for all except your last two semesters of study.
  • If you already have a degree: copy of university completion certificate
  • If you have already taken the exam: copy of language certificate
  • Additional documents required by the examination board of your Master's course of study.
  • Please read the webpages for your chosen course of study to find out if you need to submit additional documents, such as a GRE scores.

Translation of Your Documents

If your documents were not issued in German or English, you must have a certified translator translate them into either German or English. The copies do not need to be notarized. Please note that in such cases, the copy of the translation or the copy of the original alone is insufficient. Make sure to upload both!


Deadlines for Applicants from Non-EU/EEA Countries

Subject Application Deadline for the Winter Semester Application Deadline for the Summer Semester

March 1*

September 1*

restricted admission (NC)

July 15

January 15


* Exception

If you are currently enrolled as a student at RWTH Aachen (for example as an exchange student or in a German course with a student ID number), the deadline is July 15 for the winter semester and January 15 for the summer semester. These application deadlines also apply to applicants, who already have a German university degree.


Deadlines for Applicants from EU/EEA Countries

Subject Application Deadline for the Winter Semester Application Deadline for theSommer Semester

open /

restricted admission (NC)

July 15

January 15


These are final deadlines, meaning applications submitted after these dates will not be accepted. You can submit additional documents after you apply up to August 15 when applying for a restricted-admission Master's course of study for the winter semester and up to February 15 for applications for the summer semester. There is no deadline for submitting additional documents when applying for open admission courses of study. The documents submitted by January 15 for applications for the summer semester and by July 15 for applications for the winter semester form the foundation for the review of your educational background qualification. It is not necessary to have already completed your Bachelor's studies to apply for a Master's program.



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