Scholarship Award Ceremony

  2017 Education Fund Scholarship Recipients Stefan Hense

Every year in November recipients, donors, and members of the university come together to celebrate a successful selection process as part of the official award ceremony. In addition to donors handing out the certificates to their scholarship recipients, there is the possibility to meet and talk with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Through the Education Fund, numerous donors build up later collaborations with individuals they supported during their studies. The Education Fund thus brings success to both sides.


2017 Scholarship Award Ceremony

Once again this year, scholarship recipients and donors celebrated the new funding period of the RWTH Education Fund. About 600 guests joined together in the festively decorated Aachen City Hall Coronation Hall to get to know each other and network. 490 particularly talented scholarship recipients had made it through the two-step selection process for the 2017/2018 funding period out of the more than 2.500 applicants from all subject areas.

Two moderators, Anna Küsters and Robert Peters, led the audience through the official portion of the celebration in the Coronation Hall. After a few words of welcome by Dr. Margrethe Schmeer, one of the mayors of Aachen, Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg, rector of RWTH Aachen, greeted the guests and emphasized once again the importance of the funding program for students. His interview with a former student, who is now employed at one of "his" donors, was a clear example of what can result from a scholarship award ceremony.

Professor Doris Klee, vice-rector for human resources management and develoment, then thanked the donors on behalf of RWTH handed out the scholarship certificates to the recipients. The reception following the event provided an opportunity for guests to get to know each other and for donors and recipients to meet for the first time.