Information for Applicants

  Students in a conversation Patrick Randriamanampisoa

Within the Education Fund, RWTH Aachen University annually awards Germany scholarships to outstanding students and first-year students, with excellent past achievements. Currently 589 scholarship recipients receive a monthly funding of 300 Euros from the Education Fund.


Online Application

You can apply for the Education Fund scholarship only online.

Applications for one of the Germany scholarships can be submitted online from June 1 to 30, 2018.



+49 241 80 90839



Why apply?

The Education Fund puts focus on two funding aspects: Through the integration of the Germany Scholarship and the connected funding, you have the opportunity to completely focus on your studies. Additionally, through an ideal framework program, a network is created between donors and scholarship recipients, which offers you the opportunity to establish contact with other students, industry partners, partner institutions, or potential employers.

The goal is to improve your study conditions and reward you for your achievements and involvement. If you would also like to profit from the Education Fund and are ready to establish contact with your donor, then apply for our next funding period!


What Our Scholarship Recipients Say

  Portrait of Judith Berens private

Receiving the Germany Scholarship feels like a recognition of my achievements and hard work as a student. This support makes me financially independent to some extent and thus I have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities. Thanks to the great accompanying program I can educate myself beyond the classroom and get in touch with companies and fellow students.

Judith Berens

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Scholarship Recipient


  Portrait of Felix Berief private

The Education Fund scholarship has helped me in many ways. First, I learnt a lot outside of my studies due to the many workshops and lectures. At these events, many committed students from different fields came together, and the exchange of ideas and experience has expanded my horizons. But most importantly, I got in touch with the donors: in the first semesters of study, you don’t have many opportunities to network with companies who are willing to invest time and money in the personal development of students. For this reason, the contact I made with the help of the Education Fund are very important to me, in particular when it comes to arranging internships or entering the job market.

Felix Berief

Stipendiat Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung


  Portrait of Markus Spiertz private

Beyond the financial support, the RWTH Education Fund offers a generous framework program which includes interesting educational events, such as seminars and excursions.

Markus Spiertz

Stipendiat Evonik Stiftung


  Portrait of Christian Mänken private

The RWTH Education Fund is a great initiative, offering students new perspectives and opportunities. During my Bachelor’s, I had to work part-time, so I did not have the time for extracurricular activities. Through the generous support from the Education Fund, I can participate in student projects and make focus more on the educational opportunities provided by the university. I am also looking forward to participating in the framework program. It’s a great opportunity to make contacts with other scholarship recipients and together learn more about the world of business and industry.

Christian Mänken

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Scholarship Recipient


  Portrait of Liliane Manny Shiar Ali

“I see the scholarship from the Education Fund as a confirmation of my choice of career path; it is a recognition of my academic achievements. It makes me more independent and gives me motivation for future tasks. I look forward to all the opportunities provided by the dialogue and exchange with students, companies, and the university. I would like to say ‘thank you’ for having this opportunity.

Liliane Manny

Stipendiatin Ruhrverband


  Portrait of Maora Walenta privat

The support from the Education Fund makes it possible for me to fully concentrate on my studies and my volunteer activities.

Maora Walenta

Supported by Dr. Ludwig Pierkes