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RWTH Aachen Campus

With RWTH Aachen Campus, RWTH Aachen intends to develop itself into one of the leading technical universities worldwide. Industrial companies and university institutes work on defined research focuses under a new quality of collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange here. Sketch: RKW

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Campus Melaten

Campus Melaten

In the next years, eleven thematic research clusters will be created on Campus Melaten. Image: Ante4C

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Campus West

Campus West

In accordance with the development plans, eight further research clusters will be constructed around the Aachen West Train Station starting in 2013. Sketch: RKW

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RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH

RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH

As the representative of RWTH Aachen, the company is fully responsible for the interests of RWTH Aachen Campus and its stakeholders, both internally and externally. RWTH Campus GmbH takes on various tasks which go far beyond the usual operational activities relating to cluster management. Image: Ante4C

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Diagram of research clusters

Research Clusters

Companies and university departments will conduct interdisciplinary research together in 19 research clusters.

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Campus News

Keep abreast of new developments on RWTH Aachen Campus.

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