Conference Contributions at the International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design (PPEPPD) 2019


PPEPPD is a conference with emphasis on thermodynamics where researchers from academia and industry present and discuss current research in the fields of properties and phase equilibria as well as product and process design.

LTT researchers present 4 contributions:

Christoph Gertig, Kai Leonhard and André Bardow: „A framework for integrated computer-aided molecular and process design based on quantum mechanics“

Sebastian Kaminski, Christoph Gertig and Kai Leonhard: „SEPP: Segment-based Equation of state Parameter Prediction“

Christoph Gertig, André Bardow and Kai Leonhard: „Towards Predictive Reaction Kinetics for Process Design: Quantum-Chemistry-based Prediction of Urethane Reactions“

Julia Thien, Lasse Reinpold, Hans-Jürgen Koß and André Bardow: „A microfluidic platform fort he automated determination of liquid-liquid equilibria using Raman microspectroscopy“