Social Support of School Students


Would you like to support school students? These student associations give you the opportunity to become active:

Aachener Engel e.V.

Bildung 0,- Euro: The goal of this education progrma is to give disadvantaged children and adolescents a fair chance at education. Through "Bildung 0,-€“ the association offers free support to create chances for integration into the working world. By improving school grades, the association creates professional prospects, including for children, whose parents cannot afford to pay for tutoring.

Additional information and registration on the Aachener Engel website.


The "Athen"“ project is conducted by a group of young people who aim to assist and support children and teenagers in Aachen on their way through the German educational system.

They seek to provide them with guidance on their educational opportunities, so that they are in a position to take decisions on their education and future lives in accordance with their interests and preferences. Athene also aims to establish a diverse network of partners, so as to be able to provide a broad range of information, e.g. through regular information events.

Further information (in German) on the Athene Aachen website.

Rock Your Life

More than half of students have parents or siblings with an academic education. But there are also secondary school students who do not have this sort of background, who have the same right to develop their potential to the fullest.

The “Rock Your Life” student organization seeks to support pupils in secondary general schools – the German “Hauptschule” – by matching them with student mentors or tutors. The team is seeking student volunteers for the upcoming semester, for both organizational matters as well as participation as a student tutor. For further information, please visit the project homepage. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to the “Rock Your Life” members.