AEGEE Erasmus Tutor


The student association AEGEE Aachen organizes tutoring groups of two German students for about 15 Erasmus students, aiming to make their start in the new city more enjoyable. The programme does not primarily focus on academic support but rather intends to help making new friends and to spend leisure time together.

Every student of RWTH and FH Aachen who would like to have some international contacts is welcome to become a tutor. Beforehand, the participation in a tutor training course is required. In this course, recommendations about possible activities and organizational details are given. Furthermore, the future tutors learn about cultural differences or the successful formation of a group. The trainings take place before the beginning of each semester. Dates can be found on AEGEE’s homepage. The tutoring groups span over the whole semester, however, the most intense time is during the first weeks of the semester.

For more information you can visit AEGEE’s weekly member meeting or ask your questions by