Non-School Partners of RWTH Aachen

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Stefanie Gerlach

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The zdi Center Antalive

Since its foundation under the title "Experience Applied Natural Sciences and Technology Live" in the spring of 2009, the association has organized a number of block courses, project days, and competitions for students in the secondary level II within the Aachen and Düren region. RWTH Aachen is more and more involved with the center as a partner with services from practice and research in the STEM disciplines, for example with information days and presentations on mathematics, with a compact event on CAD or an orientation internship in chemistry. Both educationLabs "InfoSphere" and "RoboScope" resulted from close cooperation at RWTH Aachen in 2012. Their services are a further important component of the ANTalive program.

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The zdi-Netzwerk Aachen

Since it was founded in 2013, the zdi-Netzwerk Aachen and its partners from business, science, schools, politics, and social groups have been involved in the promoting pupils in the STEM fields in the region. RWTH Aachen is also a member, supporting the diverse involvement of the network, which is advised and coordinated by the city of Aachen with regards to economic promotion. A large offer of courses and other measures are available to schools under the motto MINT in ACtion!.

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In MINT-EC, a nationwide school network, schools with the Sekundarstufe II and a defined profile in STEM network with each other. MINT-EC offers events and funding opportunities to gain students in higher classes in the network for study and training opportunities in technical, mathematic, or scientific fields. RWTH Aachen consistently works with MINT-EC and offers two different MINT-EC camps annually as well as a MINT-EC academy in order to offer an exclusive look into the university.


Learning does not just happen in school! Authentic and historical places of learning can supplement school lessons. They make knowledge come alive, stimulate discovery and further research, and awake children and youth's interest - even over the border: Exploregio links 32 such non-school places of learning for nature, culture, and technology in the Euregio. RWTH Aachen also participates with its diverse services and the RoboScope lab for school students. This network enables collaboration for children and youth from daycare to the upper school levels - with a joint service overview, particular holiday programs, special further education opportunities and the multifunctional eXploregio.mobil - and at the annual learning festivals from



Science College Overbach

Offering children and youth an ideal learning environment, in which they can conquer the STEM disciplines, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology with growing interest - that is the goal for the youth and education innovation center "Science College Overbach". A goal, which RWTH welcomes as a technical university and supports in many joint events, e.g. during the holiday academies for natural science during the summer holidays.

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