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In 2011, RWTH Aachen initiated a visiting scholars program in order to open up more international networking opportunities for RWTH researchers, particularly for those working in interdisciplinary projects.


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Theodore von Kármán Fellowship – Incoming Scientists

Recognized researchers from all over the world have the opportunity to complete a research project at RWTH; stays are possible between of one week many months in duration. Until now, after four calls, about 40 proposals have been supported with an entire funding volume of 180,000 euros.

A prerequisite for the approval of a research stay is that two to three RWTH Aachen researchers from different faculties jointly invite and host the guest. The visiting researcher should be involved in current research work.

In the evaluation process for submitted proposals, the scientific expertise of the prospective visiting scholar and the interdisciplinarity of the research question are taken into account. Furthermore, the visiting scholar is to present his or her research results in a university-wide presentation, give a lecture, and be available to talk to students during the course of the stay.

Funding can be provided for travel costs, accommodation (e.g. in the RWTH Aachen Guest House), and for workshops or other events.

A new funding period is announced through a university-wide call for applications. Applications for funding must be submitted by RWTH Aachen researchers.

Application Documents

Proposal documents must be submitted as pdf documents and contain the following:

  1. Short cover letter with a description of scientific interest and information of the host institution, including a contact person
  2. Resume of the visiting researcher with the five most important publications
  3. Planned topics/activities during the stay in Aachen
  4. Budget plan

NEW: Funding for Research Abroad Projects by RWTH Reseachers

Theodore-von-Kármán-Fellowship – Outgoing Scientists

In 2013, in order to further promote the internationalization of the university, ERS International established the "Outgoing Researcher" initiative. RWTH scholars who want to spend a period of research abroad and possess the required qualification can apply for funding to ERS International. The host university is expected to be located in of the RWTH key partner countries (Japan, China, Russia, USA, Canada, Korea, Brazil, India).

Apart from the required scientific qualification (i.e. Assistant Professor status or higher), applicants must have excellent English skills or be proficient in the language of the host country. Further, applicants are expected to have intercultural skills.

The research stay should be at least one month in duration, and it is not to be combined with the attendance of conferences. Furthermore, the visiting scholar is expected to present a university-wide talk at the host institution, preferably in combination with a short presentation of RWTH Aachen.

Funding will be provided for travel costs and accommodation.

Application Documents

  • Proposal documents must be submitted as pdf documents and contain the following:
  • Short cover letter with a description of the scientific interest and information on the host institution, including a contact person
  • Acceptance letter/invitation by the host institution
  • CV / Resume, including a list of the most important publications
  • Planned activities/topics during the research abroad period
  • Budget plan