FGE Conference

Thursday, September 28, to Friday, September 29, 2017

It is now already six years since the Fukushima disaster and the decision on the subsequent nuclear phase out, and the latest nuclear power plants will be taken off the grid within 5 years at the latest. Renewable energies sources already had a share of just under 32 percent in electricity generation in 2016 and have thus become the most important primary energy carrier in the electricity sector. The foreseeable challenges of power generation are increasingly being discussed and controversial in everyday life: How can a safe operation of the transmission and distribution networks be guaranteed in future? How can renewable energy sources and flexible consumers be better integrated into markets and networks? What is the role of digitalisation and sectoral coupling?

When? September 28 to 29, 2017
Where? Quellenhof, Aachen.

The FGE conference 2017 addresses precisely these questions. Expert representatives from authorities, energy industry and science will take their position to these topics and will stimulate a lively discussion. Of course, a week after the Bundestag election, the FGE conference will also be able to take a close look at the next steps of the energy transition in the forthcoming legislative period.

The conference ist organized by the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics IAEW.

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