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RWTH Start-Up

RWTH Start-Up provides initial project funding for early-career researchers in order to foster their scientific autonomy and profile.


RWTH Lecturers

Andreas Schmitter The 2018 RWTH Lecturers Holger Ketteniß, Lars Schreiber, and Oliver Pooth (from left).

RWTH Lecturers is targeted at distinguished researchers with a doctorate who are characterized by their extraordinary teaching and research activities. In order to recognize this achievement, RWTH presents these researchers with the title of “RWTH Lecturer”.

Video: RWTH Lecturer 2018


RWTH Fellows

The RWTH Fellowship is awarded to experienced professors with outstanding research achievements that have significantly contributed to the University's success.

Professor Matthias Wuttig and Professor Jürgen Flöge were named RWTH Fellows at RWTHtransparent on January 26, 2018. The previous year's recipients were Professors Ulrich Simon and Stefan Pischinger.