Further details on the program will be provided shortly.


RWTH Health Day 2017 – Healthy in Every Sense


Wednesday, May 5, 2017, 10am to 4pm, in and around the SuperC


Julia Reißen


+49 241 80 95266



Childcare on Health Day

On Health Day, the RWTH Aachen Family Service will be offering childcare upon request between the hours of 10am and 4pm at the parent-child room of faculty 1 at the Sammelbau,Templergraben 64, Building 1050. If you want to take advantage of this childcare offer, please send the completed registration form via email to the RWTH Family Service by April 19, 2017.


Get in Touch with Your Senses!

Everyday university life poses a multitude of challenges to both students and employees. These challenges are often linked to a high amount of stress. RWTH Aachen takes its responsibility seriously and supports students and staff with diverse information and activity offers for getting in touch with their senses!

On May 10, visitors to the RWTH Health Day 2017 can learn about the many different possibilities for accomplishing this.

Time to get active. Challenge your senses!

"Healthy in every sense" is the motto of the 2017 Health Day. Literally, all senses are meant to be involved. It is the goal of this year's Health Day to help us rediscover all of our five senses, which too often seem to take a back seat in our everyday lives characterized by the constant exposure to noise, the lack of exercise and too much fast food.

RWTH Health Day is a day for all to participate and is oriented towards all students and staff of RWTH Aachen and the University Hospital. Participants will find many opportunities to hone their senses and to become sensitized to matters of their own health and well-being.

A Day in the Service of Seeing, Tasting, Hearing, Smelling and Feeling!

For the first time in and around the SuperC building, Health Day 2017 offers many opportunities to explore your senses by offering an extensive program from 10am to 4pm: Interesting lectures, diverse seminars, health checks and workshops, as well as exciting activities, exhibitions and various exercise offers.

All of this is meant to inspire and activate you to take responsibility for your own body and your personal health. "To listen well – What was said, what was meant by it?" or "Bodymapping – how does healthy exercise work?": from an obstacle course of the senses to Yoga – there is something for everyone to help you get back in touch again once more with your inner self.

Stress Ease up!

Relaxation offers, such as Mobile Massage, BrainLIGHT-Chairs or mindfulness exercises, invite you to experience ways to take breaks from everyday work. At the C-Caffé, the Studierendenwerk will offer culinary delights in the form of coffee and cake enticing students and RWTH staff to linger and socialize with their fellow students or co-workers.

Seeing Inside Your Ear

In line with this year's theme and specially built for Health Day, you will be amazed by a walkable ear model. This exhibition highlight is able to show the anatomical structures of our organ of perception in a three-dimensional manner and reveals normal or healthy changes to our ear, but also those that are pathological. Here, it is possible to experience diverse symptoms of disease in a visual and haptic manner.

The goal of the exhibition is to create a better understanding and acceptance of people with diseases involving their sense of hearing, because once hearing damage occurs it can never be repaired. That is why a timely discovery of warning signals is of the essence. You will have the opportunity to have your own hearing ability tested at the "Hörmobil."

All employees can be released from their duties to participate in RWTH Health Day.

You can find detailled information and an overview of all offers around Health Day in a brochure to be published soon.