Lecture and Discussion on Climate Change – a Sunny Outlook for Tomorrow?!


Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 6pm

We do not have to resign ourselves to climate catastrophes – we have the power to act. Planet Earth is getting warmer at a faster pace than ever before – this is just one of many signs that human beings are largely responsible for climate change.

In this lecture, Sven Plöger will use many images and stories of past weather events as a basis to examine the fascinating story of the Earth and answer burning questions in the discussion on climate change, for example:

  • How does the melting of the Arctic ice caps impact our weather?
  • Will we see more storms, flooding, and droughts in future?
  • Is carbon dioxide really a climate killer?

This lecture offers up surprising answers to these issues, and many more, including the important Gulf stream.

Meteorologist Sven Plöger, born in 1967, in Bonn, has had a fascination with all things related to the sky, the clouds, and aviation since his childhood. These interests, combined with his love of physics, saw him planning his future as a meteorologist from a young age. Plöger studied meteorology in Cologne until 1996. Upon graduating, he accepted a job opportunity as a TV weather forecaster at Meteomedia AG. This created a new perspective for Plöger: connecting meteorology and the media.

Place Lecture Hall H01 | C.A.R.L. | Claßenstraße 11
Speaker Sven Plöger, meteorologist and TV weather forecaster
Info Free of charge. No prior registration required.
Language German