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Did you not have any businesses classes in school and would like to be able to better imagine, what business administration is about?

  • Piller, Frank (2012): Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Wiesbaden, Springer Verlag, 2. Auflage, (ISBN: 978-3-8349-4528-0).
  • Schierenbeck, Henner; Wöhle, Claudia: Grundzüge der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, München, Oldenbourg Verlag, 18. Auflage, (ISBN: 978-3-486-59826-1).
  • Bartling, Hartwig (2008): Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre, München, Vahlen Verlag, 16. Auflage, (ISBN: 978-3-8006-3540-5).

Have you heard that math is an important tool in business and want to estimate if you already possess the necessary math skills?

  • Kamps, Udo (2009): Wirtschaftsmathematik, München, Oldenbourg Verlag, 3. Auflage, (ISBN: 978-3-486-59130-9)
  • Cramer, Erhard; Kamps, Udo (2008): Grundlagen der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und Statistik, Berlin, Springer Verlag, 2. Auflage, (ISBN: 978-3-540-77760-1)

All of the books mentioned here can be taken out from the RWTH Aachen University Library.



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Federal Ministry of Education and Research:
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You can find general information on career opportunities for business economists at ISA-Informationssystems.

You can find a detailed description of the responsibilities of a business economist at betriebswirt-info.

The individual focuses of business administrative studies with the corresponding career opportunities are described on



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