Meet RWTH 2017 Andreas Schmitter

Im Rahmen der Stipendienvergabefeier lädt die RWTH Aachen im Vorhinein zu einer Veranstaltung exklusiv für Förderer des Bildungsfonds ein. Hier haben Fördernde die Möglichkeit, die Hochschule kennenzulernen und einen Blick hinter die Kulissen von Forschung und Lehre zu werfen. Ziel ist es Fördernde näher zusammenzubringen, den Austausch zu ermöglichen und spannende und zukunftsträchtige Forschungsfelder und Institute der RWTH Aachen vorzustellen.


Meet RWTH 2017 zu Gast am Center for Mobile Propulsion (CMP)

Before the RWTH Education Fund scholarship award ceremony, Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg invited the current donors to a get together. During "Meet RWTH" they had the opportunity to learn about the University's key research areas and nework with representatives from national and regional companies.

A central component of the event is always a visit to one of the research institutes. At the CMP, the VKA is conducting research with 15 other institutes and chairs in all areas of electrified and highly efficient automotive drive trains. Aside from the further development of individual components in the drive train such as batteries, transmissions, more efficient electric engines, power electronics, and future combustion engines, focus is also placed on researching the complete integration of individual components into modern drive trains. Unlike convential approaches, which usually view individual components or sub-systems in isolation, the CMP has been able to investigate the –in part virtual – entire system as one

Donors enjoyed exciting presentations. Professor Schmachtenberg first reflected on the current developments at RWTH. Professor Stefan Pischinger, head of the CMP, gave a presentation about the "Future of Mobile of Propulsion Systems – Chances, Challenges, and Solutions." He discussed global trends and their influence on the automotive industry and highlighted the potential of the combustion engine and the electrification of automobiles. The event concluded with the true highlight, a tour through the Center for Mobile Propulsion.