Education Fund Framework Program

Donors talking Stefan Hense

RWTH Aachen University and proRWTH Aachen want to take things further with the Education Fund and offer scholarship recipients non-monetary support in the form of a framework program in addition to financial support.

Non-Monetary Support

Expansion of the network between outstanding students, who are qualified for the scholarship, and donors, is an important element of the scholarship culture that RWTH Aachen represents. We greatly value offering an accompanying program that encompasses mentoring, factory tours, and cultural, sports, and social events, in order to provide students with initial glances as professional practice and expand their horizons. The program comes to life and a large network can develop through the personal contact between donors and recipients.

The accompanying framework program, which is strictly oriented towards Education Fund scholarship recipients and donors, would not be possible without the financial and personal involvement of donors. We thank you for your support.

Framework Program 2016/2017

This year's official framework program is made up of events from business, culture, and sports, as well as offers from individual donors such as factory tours, fair invitations, or information days. You can find detailed information about individual events on the online registration page, where scholarship recipients can register for individual events.

Additionally, we announce additional event dates for our students or scholarship providers as well as presentations, exhibitions, or award extensions via email.

Additional network offers are offered by the donors or independently by scholarship recipients.