EU Research Funding

The EU Research Framework Programs

The European Union’s Framework Programs for Research and Innovation are the largest of their kind worldwide. They offer extensive funding opportunities for cross-border research consortia consisting of companies, research institutions, and universities.

Between 2007 and 2013, the 7th EU Framework Program provided funds exceeding 32 billion Euros; the EU Research and Innovation program “Horizon 2020” offers a funding budget of almost 80 billion Euros for (collaborative) projects within a large number of disciplines for the period 2014 until 2020. HORIZON 2020 supports international collaborations in order to foster top-level research in social, economic, ecological and industrial themes facing European challenges today and in the future.

We gladly provide advice and assistance on the application and proposal writing process for EU research funding.

For further information on ERC Grants for RWTH Aachen researchers, please visit our ERC Grants intranet page (de).

EU Project Management Services

Should you decide to coordinate an EU project, we offer you to perform the necessary administrative tasks as part of our project management services. We offer the following services:

  • We support you early on in the application process for your EU project and assist you with finding suitable project partners. Furthermore, we act as contacts for all administrative questions and inquiries of the consortium and perform its budget calculations. We also create a tailored project management for your consortium.
  • After successful evaluation we support you with the contract negotiations in Brussels and undertake communication with the Commission. We provide advice on contractual matters, including the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement, and procure all necessary information and signatures.
  • During the project period, we undertake administrative project management tasks and support you with completing financial and contractual management tasks. This includes the distribution of funds among the partners, monitoring of the correct use of financial resources, and creation of reports to be submitted to the Commission. Furthermore, we organize meetings of the consortium members and assist you with public relations activities for the EU project.

Our EU project management services are free of charge during the application period. We will tailor our services to your needs during the lifetime of your project. Costs for project management during the implementation phase are covered by the European Commission; therefore, our services performed will be included in the RWTH project budget and are therefore at no extra costs to you.

Should you be interested in our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

RWTH-internal Information on EU Research Funding

For RWTH members of staff, we provide comprehensive information on EU Research Funding opportunities, in particular with respect to the application for and implementation of projects in the EU Framework Programs.

The information is structured according to the individual project stages – the information phase, the proposal writing/application phase, and the project phase. There are guidelines on the steps to be taken in each phase as well as on financial matters and reporting. Furthermore, you can find (filled out) model application and contract templates, RWTH standard text components, salary tables for cost calculation purposes, contract documents, etc.

In addition, we have compiled a list of useful links concerning EU research funding and provide you with statistical data on external funding at RWTH Aachen as well as information on the European Institute of Technology – EIT – as well as RWTH’s participation in Knowledge and Innovation Communities, KIC for short.