How to find an academic supervisor at RWTH Aachen University



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Students are requested to take care of finding their supervisor independently before their arrival to Aachen.

A first step is to identify your area of interest in which you would like to write your thesis or pursue a project. Secondly, you need to figure whether this area is available at RWTH Aachen University. E.g. you could check the faculty’s web pages in order to find out about ongoing research activities and fields of research. You can find all our faculties on the RWTH Aachen homepage in the right on top of the page at “faculties and institutions”.

Thirdly, you need to get in touch with the professor of the chair or the leading engineer, “Oberingenieur” in German, in order to inquire about the possibility of doing your thesis under their supervision. It should be useful to have a good idea of what you would like to do and present it to them in an appropriate way. A draft and CV would be good to send to them.

Please do not forget that professors are usually rather busy persons who receive a lot of emails and inquiries such as yours. Therefore it is advisable to write in due time and do not get impatient if you do not receive a reply within a few days.

Also, although you might be aware of this already, in Germany it is common to address people, especially professors, in a very formal way, at least when first contacting them. Therefore, the appropriate address for a professor is “Prof. xy” and for a person holding a PhD “Dr. xy”. This might help a little.

If you have difficulties in finding a supervisor, please contact the corresponding exchange coordinator in the faculty in charge of you.

Any further questions? Please contact the Incoming Student Services.