RWTH Lecturers


The title of RWTH Lecturer is an honor for distinguished researchers with a doctorate who distinguish themselves through their extraordinary teaching and research activities. The target group for this award are senior scientists with a doctorate and who have at least five years teaching experience. The title was awarded to three scientists during the university event Talk Lehre on June 6, 2018.

The call will be announced at least eight weeks before the submission deadline in an email to all RWTH professors and published on the Place to Be website. Applications are to be submitted online through the ERS Portal.

RWTH Lecturers are nominated internally by the members of the selection committee and submitted for approval to the Rectorate.

Over the course of the past six calls from December 2012 to October 2017, 129 RWTH Lecturers across all faculties have been submitted, of which 43 RWTH Lecturers have been funded with a total of 622,500 euros.



Vice-Rector Doris Klee, coordinator of the Place to Be measure, is the head of the RWTH Lecturers program. She is responsible for the preparation and publication of calls, evaluations, and quality assurance.

The RWTH Lecturers selection committee consists of Doris Klee, members of the ERS selection committee and representatives of the ERS selection committee.

The selection committee's responsibilities are to

  • support the head of the measure
  • evaluate and forward nominations to the Rectorate
Members of the RWTH Lecturers Selection Committee
Apl. Prof. Doris Klee Vice-Rector for Human Resources Development and Management
Coordinator of the Place to Be Measure
Jannis Koesling Student Representative, Chair of AStA
Prof. Aloys Krieg Faculty 1 - Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences
Dr. Elke Müller Head of Department 4.0 – Research and Career
Dr.-Ing. Simon Münstermann Faculty 5 - Georesources and Materials Engineering
Prof. Heribert Nacken Faculty 3 – Civil Engineering