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Housing Service



When searching for housing the most important things are starting early and not getting easily discouraged. It may not be simple for you to quickly find a suitable apartment. The International Office makes every effort to assist you and has put together a list of places to search as well as advising offices for questions regarding housing.

Please note: As an international student you are not automatically assigned a room in the student dorms. This is not possible due to limited capacity.

RWTH Aachen International Office Housing Service

Like many other German universities, RWTH Aachen does not operate its own dorms or apartments and cannot be function as an apartment agent. The International Office's Housing Service, however, will help as much as possible with your search for an apartment. We can only inform you of current offers and provide general recommendations. Your own initiative is required for you to successfully find a place to live on the open housing market.

In addition to the information you can find on the website Accommodation in Aachen, the International Office has put together a package of information, which includes general tips and notes about housing and searching for a place to live as well as information about rental contracts. If you still have questions, feel free to write us an .

Assistance from Student Organizations and Initiatives

Help for students from students – this is the premise under which numerous RWTH Aachen student organizations offer tips and assistance for housing searches.

The student organization INCAS in particular, but also many other groups, are available to contact. INCAS offers active support during your housing search and operates its own housing database for international students.
If you have questions or problems regarding housing, the RWTH Aachen AStA can help. On AStA's apartment hunting webpage you will find a variety of information. AStA also advises and provides support with legal problems, for example rental contracts.