Knowledge and Innovation Communities – KICs

Their task is to operate top innovation-oriented research in the areas of central economic and social interest and spread model processes in the innovation sector, which have the potential to improve Europe's international competitive ability. The KICs indepedently determine their internal organization and makeup as well as the schedule and work methods. Participants in a KICs can be organizations, which are active in the knowledge triad of university education, research, and innovation. However, at least three partner organizations, located in at least two different members states, must be involved.

Projects that are strongly application oriented are generally at the basis of KIC projects, since they can already act a high technology readiness level or TRL. However, it is also possible to have projects funded in the field of teaching – for example massive open online courses or MOOCs – or in entrepreneurship – for example when founding a start up. The types of funding and conditions are different for every KIC.

There are currently a total of five KICs in the following fields:

  • Climate change, Climate-KIC
  • Information and communication technology, EIT Digital
  • Innovative energies, KIC InnoEnergy
  • Health, EIT Health
  • Raw materials, KIC EIT Raw Materials

Other KICs to follow:

  • Added-Value Manufacturing, 2018
  • Urban Mobility, 2018
KIC Acronym Title Coordinator
Climate-KIC MUNEP 2 Planning Tool and Engineering Services for the Electrification Prof. Dr. Jens Uwe Sauer
enCO2re Teilprojekt Ecology Prof. Dr. André Bardow
enCO2re Teilprojekt Public acceptance Prof. Dr. Martina Ziefle / Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Jakobs
enCO2re Teilprojekt Cross-linkable CO2-Polyether polyols - CroCO2PETs Prof. Dr. André Bardow /Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries / Prof. Dr. Christian Hopmann / Prof. Dr. Walter Leitner
SSD Deep Dive London Smart Sustainable Cities Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aaron Praktiknjo
SSD Moabit Smart Sustainable Districts Moabit Prof. Dr. Aaron Praktiknjo
EIT Health MACH Mobile Autonomy for Children in End-stage Heart failure Therapy PD Dr. Andreas Goetzenich
COMrad World's first respiratory assist device PD Dr. Andreas Goetzenich
TherapyLens - no title - Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke
HealthBed Unobtrusive monitoring of health-related parameters in the bed environment Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Leonhardt
Home-base health care Summer School: Digitising home-based health care – empowering patients for self-management of health Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke
RAMSES Remote Access to Medical Information on Smartphones during Emergencies and Health CriseS Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke
i-days Innovation Days Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke
EIT Raw Materials PreFlex Pre-treatment and physical separation of complex low grade ores and residues Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Pretz
DOCSUMSquare EIT Raw Materials PhD Summer School Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel
eMentor Entrepreneurship Mentor Network in Raw Meterials Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel
PyroFlex Network on pyrometallurgical expertise and infrastructure for residue treatment Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich
WEEE Idea Camp Next steps in Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) closing the loop Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich
Electro Flex (Bio) Electrochemical Extraction and Recovery of Metal from Low-Grade Ores and Residues Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich
SolvoFlex Solvometallurgy Infrastructure and Expertise Network Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich
Visual3D Visualisation of 3D–4D models in exploration and geosciences Prof. Dr. Florian Wellmann
INTUITION Information Captureing of industrial needs and solutions in the metallurgical value chain Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich
4L-Alloys Life Long Learning on Light Alloys: From Raw Materials to Sustainable Products Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bühring-Polaczek
OptaRec Optimising the Tantalum Recycling Process through Conditioning of Raw Materials, Process Automation and Material Logistics Prof. Dr. Karl Bernhard Friedrich


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