ITA at JEC World 2016 in Paris


ITA presents its textile value chain from fibre to component at JEC World 2016 from 8 -  10 March in Paris

Murata Machinery Ltd. Picture 1: Pressure vessel shape overwrapped with MultiFilament reinforcement structure

The Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA), Germany, exhibits at the booth of AZL and 8 partnering institutes of RWTH Aachen University “Composites in Action – Composites 4.0 – JEC Group in Partnership with AZL“, booth no. C80 in hall 6. There ITA presents its expertise based on the textile value chain from the fibre to the component with the following main exhibits:

Pressure vessel produced on a Multifilament Winding Machine „MFW-48“

The MultiFilament Winding Machine „MFW-48“ was developed and built by Murata Machinery Ltd., Japan. It allows high productivity of preforms for applications in composites and features very good mechanical properties in fibre direction. MFW-48 is the first machine of its kind in Europe which shall be installed at ITA prospectively.

In the MFW process, a large number of bobbins are processed simultaneously. Reinforcement fibres, e.g. Carbon fibres, are deposited on a mandrel and can be gradually wound and stacked on the mandrel. The mandrel moves in horizontal direction and rotates. This enables production of tubular structures with a unidirectional non-crimp reinforcement structure (picture 1 “Pressure vessel shape overwrapped with MultiFilament reinforcement structure”, source: Murata Machinery Ltd.)

To produce a full layer of reinforcement structure covering the whole mandrel surface, the mandrel has to be moved through the machinery only once. This leads to a very short manufacturing time for every single layer and an overall high preforming productivity (picture 2 “Concept of MFW and MFW 48 machine”, source: Murata Machinery Ltd.).

The local availability of this new machine type at ITA will allow interested European industry partners to benchmark, prototype and validate their potential composite products with a real non-crimp reinforced fibre structure.

A video sequence showing the machinery and its working principle can be viewed at the ITA stand. In addition a demonstrator will be displayed. For further information please contact .

Please find further information and pictures in the press release below.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on our booth “Composites in Action – Composites 4.0 – JEC Group in Partnership with AZL“, booth no. C80 in hall 6 (JEC 2016, ITA, hall 6 booth no. C80).