International Cooperation on Innovative Winding Technique


The installation of the innovative and economic production technology “MFW-48” is making progress in January 2017.

  Engineers from Murata and ITA successfully commissioned MFW-48 ITA Engineers from Murata and ITA successfully commissioned MFW-48

Murata Machinery Ltd., Japan, producer of advanced and innovative textile technology, is introducing the new Multi Filament Winding (MFW) technology MFW-48 to the market. To establish MFW as innovative and economic production technology for composite structures in the German and European market, Murata and Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen (ITA), one of the biggest textile institutes in Germany, started collaboration. The installation work of the machine MFW-48 at ITA commenced in January 2017.

The new technology MFW-48 has the capability to process 48 fibres simultaneously. It offers the potential to produce structures for composite applications with outstanding mechanical properties in a highly productive way. A mandrel rotates and moves back and forth horizontally, while the reinforcing fibres, e.g. carbon, are positioned on the mandrel successively. These tubular parts are characterised by a unidirectional and non-crimped structure to increase mechanical properties in fibre direction. During the rotation, a complete layer is placed down on the mandrel at the same time. The outcome of this is that the machinery allows short manufacturing times, high economic efficiency and increases productivity of preforming process. With these characteristics, MFW-48 meets the requirements for series production.

  Multi Filament Winding Machine MFW-48 ITA Multi Filament Winding Machine MFW-48

The next step will be the evaluation of technical characteristics of the MFW process and composites to open up new ways and opportunities for prototyping and analysis of the technology for various applications. Especially, the production of lightweight pressure vessels will be taken into consideration. In automotive industry, these vessels can be used to store hydrogen and thus make an important contribution towards implementing the turnaround in energy policy and CO2 reduction.

ITA expresses their gratitude to the partner Murata Machinery Ltd. for the good collaboration and the intensive efforts on site at ITA in Aachen.

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