Registering with the Antrago Event Management System


At RWTH, there are different providers of events for various target groups.

In order to establish a standardized system for the administration of events, the University has introduced the Antrago event and seminar management system. The system is used for continuing education events, but not for classes offered as part of regular degree programs.

The new system was launched on July 3, 2017. In the first phase, the system is used for the administration of continuing education offerings for RWTH members of staff. Soon, the system will be extended and used for other purposes and target groups.


RWTH employees can register with the event management system using their TIM code.

Employees from University Hospital Aachen, UKA, and affiliated institutes are also able to register, unless the event in question is offered for a special employee group only, such as postdocs. The employee group status is determined using the University's Identity Management System. As the group status of employees from UKA and affiliated institutes cannot be automatically determined, they must register for such events via the organizer of the event.

Individuals who do not have a TIM code can create an access code when registering with Antrago. However, they have to register with the event organizer as well if the event is restricted for certain traget groups.

Participant Portal

The Participant Portal provides registered users with an overview of attended and registered events. Furthermore, they can download documents provided by the hosts of events.


The following providers are currently using the Antrago system:

Future providers:

  • Division 4.3 – Center for Doctoral Studies