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Research training groups are university institutions that support young scientific talent. The goal is not only a concentration of research activities focused on a narrowly defined research topic, but also an organizational structuring of doctoral education.

Collaborative Research & Structured Education

The structured qualification of doctoral students within a thematically focused research project stands at the center of these research training groups. In these groups, doctoral students have the opportunity to finish their dissertation in an exciting, collaborative research environment – in contrast to the wide spread individual doctoral work in Germany, the international research community is integrated early on.

There is a constant exchange of data, experience, materials, and, not least, of scientific staff, which guarantees a close, interdisciplinary collaboration between the involved research institutions. The practice of involving student workers and junior researchers into the research centres is an important step to promote young talent on a long-term basis and prepare them for a career in science and research.

Research Independence

Doctoral students are intensively prepared for the diverse research job market and their research independence will be cultivated and supported through regular courses, colloquia, seminars, and workshops.

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