Brothers of Santa Claus


Saturday, June 23, 2018, 8pm

Brothers of Santa Clause Bela Hagel

This is one of the most promising bands in the German-speaking world – their music is raw, expressive, and passionate. While their first album, released in 2014, is a mix of Indie pop and singer-songwriter ballads, their second longplayer "Not OK" sounds more mature and has a rockier sound with a few synth pop elements thrown into the mix.   

Where? RWTH Aachen,Couven-Halle
Kármanstraße 9

3.50 euros
Kundenservice Medienhaus, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz und Dresdener Straße 3
KlenkesTicket im Kapuziner Karree, Kapuzinergraben 19


Städteregion Aachen
Kulturfestival X

Further Information Doors open 7:30pm
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