Day of Student Initiatives and Associations


Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 11am to 6pm

The RWTH student council ASta invites you to get a look behind the curtain of student involvement in Aachen. On the "Day of student intitiatives and associations," all RWTH student groups and associations will be showcased and given a chance to present their work. Student initiatives are groups of students who are involved in working for the benefit of fellow students or other individuals and institutions. As diverse as the different student groups are, as varied are also their presentations: They will be tightening bolts on race cars, host a live radio broadcast, show short films or present their involvement in development assistance.

More than 30 initiatives are looking forward to your questions, to new ideas and discussions.

Where? Foyer and courtyardAudimax, Wüllnerstraße 9
Organizer ASta Student Council of RWTH Aachen University in collaboration with RWTHextern

+49 241 80 93768