Lecture and Discussion: The Connected Vehicle


Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 5 till 6:15 pm

The Connected Vehicle as a Component of the New IoT Ecosystem

Dr. Ansgar Schleicher, Managing Director of DSA GmbH, Aachen

In order to make autonomous driving a reality, vehicles need to be connected. The connected vehicle represents the groundbreaking change of the automobile and its ecosystem: as a software-defined product and via high-performance computing units and wideband internet access, the automobile will become part of the Internet of Things.  This has far-reaching consequences for the development process and the collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, it creates the basis for the comprehensive digitalization of processes in the life-cycle of the vehicle.

The talk will be concerned with the transition of vehicle electronics from a control network based on embedded devices to a driving, virtualized computing network that is integrated into the Cloud. Furthermore Dr. Schleicher will illustrate how innovations in the ecosystem of the vehicle can be implemented using "firmware over the air" updates (FOTA), for example.

Please note that the talk will be given in German.

Where? Lecture Hall AH V,Computer Science Center, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße
Speaker Dr. Ansgar Schleicher, Geschäftsführer DSA GmbH Aachen

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