Saarland Roadshow at RWTH Aachen


On April 19, Saarland, one of Germany’s federal states, visited Aachenas part of a roadshow event and presented itself to our students and staff as a great location to work and live.

In the so-called Tiny House, RWTH members had the opportunity to get informed on Saarland as a location to live, as a holiday destination, and, importantly, as an attractive job market. This year, the roadshow had a focus on on Saarland as a hub of information technology and introduced visitors to the new (de) website, which informs on IT job opportunities and research activities in Saarland.

RWTH Aachen

The Tiny House was designed as a holiday theme park, fully equipped with sun shades and canvas chairs. Visitors had the opportunity to try out the “motion capture” technology developed by the Saarland company “The Captury”: Six 360 cameras capture the movements of a visitor in real time in order to transform his or her virtual image into a fictional digital figure and transport it into virtual landscapes.

For further information, please also vist the Welcome to Saarland website.