Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN)

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Embarking on a research career is not always easy. Marie Curie Initial Training Networks offer early-stage researchers the opportunity to improve their research skills and join established research teams.

Thus the program seeks to improve early-stage researchers' career prospects in both the public and private sectors, making research careers more attractive to young people. This will be achieved through a transnational networking mechanism, aimed at structuring the existing high-quality initial research training capacity.

Opportunities for Early-stage Researchers

Apart from the main target group of early career researchers, it is also possible to involve and train postdocs with first experiences in independent research.

Akronym Titel Kontakt
Marie Curie Networks coordinated by RWTH Aachen
InCEM The European Network for Cell Migration Studies Professor Rudolf Leube

Acronym Title Contact
Marie-Curie Networks with RWTH Involvement
HPC-LEAP High Performance Computing for Life sciences,
Engineering and Physics
Professor Paolo Carloni
SuPER-W Sustainable Product, Energy and Resource Recovery
from Wastewater
Professor Matthias Wessling
ModCompShock Modelling and Computation of Shocks and Interfaces Professor Wolfgang Dahmen
ModLife Advancing Modelling for Process-Product Innovation, Optimization, Monitoring and Control in Life Science Industries Professor Alexander Mitsos
REDMUD The European Training Network for Zero-Waste
Valorisation of Bauxite Residue
Professor Bernd Friedrich
AdapTT Real time therapy planning for Thermal based therapy modalities in oncology care Professor Stefan Heidenreich
SyMBioSys Systematic Models for Biological Systems
Engineering Training Network
Professor Saez-Rodriguez
NEW-MINE EU Training Network for Resource Recovery through Enhanced Landfill Mining Professor Thomas Pretz
SPINOGRAPH Spintronics in Graphene Professor Christoph Stampfer
PROVISION PeRceptually Optimised VIdeo compreSION. Professor Jens-Rainer Ohm
SUBICAT Sustainable Biomass Conversions by Highly Efficient Catalytic Processes Professor Walter Leitner
iCare Improving Children's Auditory Rehabilitation Professorin Janina Fels
INTERAQCT International Network for the Training of Early stage Researchers on Advanced Quality control by Computed Tomography Professor Robert Schmitt
COPA-GT Coupled Parallel Simulation of Gas Turbines Professor Wolfgang Schröder


Past Marie Curie Networks with Involvement from RWTH

Acronym Title
aboutFLOW Adjoint-based Optimization of Industrial and Unsteady Flows
COPA-GT Coupled Parallel Simulations of Gas Turbines
CREAM Mechanistic Effect Models for Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals
EDA-EMERGE Novel Tools in Effect-Directed Analysis to Support the Identification and Monitoring of Emerging Toxicants on a European Scale
iCare Improving Children's Auditory Rehabilitation
INTERAQCT International Network for the Training of Early-stage Researchers on Advanced Quality Control Through Computed Tomography
PROVISION Perceptually Optimised Video Compression
SPINOGRAPH Spintronics in Graphene
SuBiCat Sustainable Biomass Conversions by Highly Efficient Catalytic Processes

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